M Track Days is your chance to experience the unmatched power and control of the BMW M line - our most dynamic high-performance driving machines. Our half-day Sprint Package lets you pilot exclusive M models during a series of thrill-filled track activities including Timed Autocross, Lead-Follow Lapping and our 0-60 drag-race challenge. You won't want to miss this, so steer your way towards the sign-up today.



Our full-day Endurance Package gets you closely acquainted with our entire lineup of M models and is jam-packed with activities. The total experience includes our Timed Autocross, Lead-Follow Lapping and our 0-60 drag-race challenge, plus added activities like Skid Pad drifting and one-on-one coaching from a BMW Motorsport Professional Driver. Feel the adrenaline rush as you get behind the wheel of our top-of-the-line M models, and learn how to push their capabilities to the max from the pros.

Hours of Experience Half-Day Full-Day
Classroom Presentation
Meals 1 2
Lead-Follow Lapping 2 Sessions 3 Sessions
Timed Autocross
0-60 Drag-Race Challenge
Hot Laps
Skid Pad
One-on-one time with a BMW Motorsport Professional Driver


When you’re driving behind a pro in one of our M competition vehicles, you know you’re in for thrills. Trail a BMW Professional Driving Instructor and pick up skills in advanced driving theory that you’ll take to every day drives. This is a powerful game of follow the leader you’ll never forget.

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When all-electric engineering meets the power of M — every drive exhilarates. Go from 0 to 60 in an instant behind the wheel of models handpicked to take on the challenge. Make a statement in the 100% electric iX or tap into the high-performance luxuries of the first-ever XM and plug in to M electrified. 

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Make your mark on the competition in this thrills and skills activity. You haven’t experienced a true challenge until you test yourself on our Skid Pad. In the BMW M3, the power of BMW M xDrive and performance-focused engineering are in play. With you at the helm of our action-packed sedan, a dynamic duo comes to life.

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Now’s your chance to make the drive count. On the autocross course, you’ll be in the BMW M2 — a sporty coupe with uncompromising power. Explore a lane of your own as you challenge yourself to discover what you and the M2 are capable of.

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Not everyone has the opportunity to experience the inner makings of M. Each model is an experience inside out, designed to take your drive to the next level. Get closer to the innovative technology behind our newest thrillers and see for yourself at M Track Days.

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You don’t get the keys to BMW’s full line-up every day. Take your pick from one of our latest vehicles and go out on the road solo so you can experience BMW drive to the fullest. Make the drive your own in this self-guided activity.

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